Vicky Edwards

Victoria Edwards’s primary method of working is etching with copper using sugarlift, aquatint, open and foul biting with ferric chloride. This biting process is a subtle balance between purposeful mark making and chance reaction. The physical act of making is fundamental to her process, burnishing, scraping and scratching; the slow method of manufacture using long biting times make deeply etched lines and she works over these with more layers of aquatint and hard ground, to create fragments of physical and psychological landscape. Her sources are in stories, myths and poems, investigating the shadowy borderlands of memory.

She studied printmaking at Central St.Martin’s (BA Hons 1st class) and her postgraduate at The Slade where she received the Rosa Morison and the Henriques scholarships. Her work is held in The National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum, University College London and in private collections worldwide.



  Flame Tree   Etching with silk   

Flame Tree

Etching with silk