Rosalind Whitman

My work reflects my experience of the metaphorical or symbolical dimension expressed in traditional mythologies and artforms. Bali abounds with visual projections of a group psyche - a phenomenological wisdom no longer shared in the western world. Soft sandstone representations of the Naga, the ‘serpent-dragon’, ornament shrines and temples throughout the island. The daimonic spirit these sculptures embody, recognised as sacred, is identified with water. The dual concept of Sikala and Niskala (order versus disorder) means that Balinese gods have both protective and menacing attributes, and offerings are made to placate as well as honour these powerful influences. 




  “Bali Naga”  etching  54 x 70 cm.  August 2016


“Bali Naga” 


54 x 70 cm. 

August 2016