Emily Hopkins

In my work I explore form, rhythm and structure within the natural world. I examine patterns that naturally occur which create complex environments that shape us, our experience, and the world around us.

Power of Two

This series uses the mathematical principle, the power of two, to examine the individual in its simplest form and how it interacts within its environment.

By using a single plate, setting limitations, and following a set formula, the viewer can see how the relationships between the marks develop and change as the process is pushed to its limit.

The process of print allows me to demonstrate the changing relationships between individuals within the context of a constant environment. Simplicity exposes the potential of the individual; its form, value, structure and unique qualities that contribute to the greater whole.

Complex patterns and rhythms naturally reveal themselves in both the drawing and in the process. 

Email: emilyvhopkins@gmail.com  

Website: cargocollective.com/emilyvhopkins

“Power of Two”  Etching  94 x 94 cm [framed]  2016

“Power of Two” 


94 x 94 cm [framed]